Salud Mental covenes national and international investigators in the areas of Psichiatry, and educational reserch to participate as authors in the following special issue of the journal:

"Mental health in health sciencies students: an analysis from academic and professional performance in Mexico and Latin America"

This monothematic number aims to contribute to the scientific literature in mental health among students of health sciences in Mexico and Latin America.


Manuscripts must be final results of original research (qualitative or quantitative) with the basic sections of scientific report, as well as systematic reviews.

The manuscripts will be exclusively submitted to the site index.php/salud_mental you will have to be previously registered as an author in the site.

Manuscripts must adhere to editorial guidelines: index.php/salud_mental/pages/view/ guia_autor, all received manuscripts will be submitted to the peer-review process.

Your contribution will be of great interest, motivation and support for the development of scientific knwoledge for the scientists and medics of Mexico, Latin America and other regions of the world.

Reception date limit: November 7th, 2022