Development of verb fluency and utilization, and its importance for neuropsychology

Julio César Flores Lázaro, Cinthya Nenetzyn Saldaña García, José Marcos Ortega, Eduardo Alejandro Escotto Córdova, Héctor Juan Pelayo González



Syntactic competence development initiates during preschool age, an important component on this phenomena is active verb utilization, and morphology-semantic-verb acquisition. Recent approximations have outlined the importance of cognitive dependency-interaction during child development, for example the importance of executive control for verb selection (mapping) and efficient verb-utilization; as well as the importance of verb-semantics for cognitive processing; however at the national and the international context, developmental studies on verb-fluency and verb-morphology during verb-fluency paradigms are to date insufficient. In this article a basic review is presented on the characteristics of verb active utilization and verb-fluency in preschoolers and older children, outlining the utility for the field of developmental neuropsychology.


Verbal fluency; development; executive function