Salud Mental

Cost-effectiveness analysis of interventions to achieve universal health coverage for schizophrenia in Mexico


Héctor Cabello-Rangel
Lina Díaz-Castro
Carlos Pineda-Antúnez


Introduction. To achieve universal coverage in mental health, it is necessary to demonstrate which interventions should be adopted.

Objective. Analyze the alternatives of pharmacological and psychosocial treatment in Mexico for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, as well as Early Intervention in Psychosis Program.

Method. The Extended cost effectiveness analysis (ECEA), it is implemented under scenario the option of treatment in Mexico, which includes: typical or atypical antipsychotic medication plus psychosocial treatment, assuming that all the medications will be provided to the patient, a measure of effectiveness is the years of life adjusted to disability (DALYs).

Results. The effect of Universal Public Financing (UPF) is reflected in avoiding 147 DALYs for every 1,000,000 habitants. In addition, has a positive effect in the avoided pocket expenditures from US $ 101,221 to US $ 787,498 according to the type of intervention. Increasing government spending has a greater impact on the poorest quintile, as a distributive effect of the budget is generated. Respect to the value of insurance, the quintile III is the one who is most willing to pay for having insurance, on the other hand, in the highest income quintile, the minimum assurance valuation was observed.

Discussion and conclusion. The reduction in out-of-pocket spending is uniform across all quintiles; “Early Intervention in Psychosis Program” is not viable for middle income countries, as México. The ECEA is a convenient method to assess the feasibility and affordability of mental health interventions to generate information for decision makers.
Universal health coverage, schizophrenia, cost-effectiveness


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